Invalid VIN message when running report

You may see an "invalid VIN" message for one of these reasons:

1) You may have mistyped the VIN. Verify the VIN you are entering is correct. You can find the VIN on your title/registration documents or get the VIN directly from the vehicle's dashboard or driver's side door jamb.


2) You may have entered a VIN with invalid characters. A VIN can only contain certain letters and numbers. For example, VINs do not use the letters I, O or Q. If your VIN contains one of these, try using the number 1, the letter L, or the number 0 instead.


3) In rare cases, a vehicle may be fraudulently given an invalid VIN to cover up something about the vehicle's past, such as a theft or salvage. If you suspect your vehicle may have a fraudulent VIN, contact your local law enforcement agency or DMV investigator for a VIN inspection.

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